Friday, October 10, 2008


As much as I wanted Jerry McNerney to respond to my many complaints, he has done nothing but continue on his dance to the left.

So this is the official launch of the Dump Jerry McNerney website.

Many of the reasons for dumping McNerney have already been discussed at my other blog, but I'll put up a few highlights here and then add to them as we get closer to election day.

Jerry McNerney is in the pocket of the San Francisco leftists. That would be fine if he represented San Francisco, but he represents a district that is moderate, tending towards conservative.

McNerney has met with and is embraced by the America hating leftists of Code Pink. Details at the link, but here's what Code Pink thinks of that who the average 11th District voter wants his or her Representative appealing to?
Overall the CODEPINK women were impressed with the Congressman’s intelligence, sincerity and attention to a wide range of constituents’ concerns and points of view, including a boy of about 11 who did a short interview with him after the discussion.

McNerney has also been cozy with the Daily Kos crowd, another group of left wing malcontents who are clearly not representative of the 11th District.

Though Dean Andal is far from a perfect candidate, he is dramatically more in touch with the people of the 11th District than Code Pink McNerney is.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just in case...

I've started this blog just in case Representative Jerry McNerney crosses to the dark side and becomes a puppet of Nancy Pelosi. So far he's dancing on the line of doing that but hasn't crossed the line. If he does, this blog will become active and will advocate putting a Republican back in the House for McNerney's district.